For starters, lets get it straight to the point. The blog you are reading on is responsive. So whats the big deal about it, it just looks like other webpages. Now change the width of your browser or try opening the same page on mobile and desktop at the same time. Found something interesting. That the magic of responsive web designing. It allows the content of the webpage to adjust as per the size of display and makes it more readable and accessible for the users, and of course look good on every device.

So the another question rises out from horizon, why responsive design came into action? Well the number of users on mobile and other hand held device is increasing rapidly. Well the older versions of these devices obviously comes with browsers providing default features and the large sized webpages are zoomed in and out to read the contents and browse the website. So responsive designing technology comes to rescue. Computers are not only the devices supporting web browsers. Mobile technology has emerged to a great extent providing full featured browsers and rapid enhancement in requirement of handheld computing devices makes it necessary to upgrade to a better use experience.

The change in layouts of screen and sizes assures that the requirement of users is also changing. Nobody uses PC anymore for just opening websites, everyone needs everything on the go whether its social media, video channel, E mail or almost everything else. So the mobile version of website become a necessity overnight and is readily accepted by users and developers all over the world.
But the story don’t end here, making a mobile version seems legit at a time as the smaller versions performs well on small mobile screens. But shortly, a new era of touch screen devices known as tablets, notebooks and ultra-books appear changing the game to whole another level. The size and quality of screen are no longer limited to few standards. So happens with the browsers and the spectrum of screen size and resolution is changing day by day, device by device. Even the devices with small displays comes with high 4K resolution.
So creating a different version of website for every resolution and size of screen constantly changing day by day is not possible. Hence responsive web designing came to rescue the designers and provide a great user experience on every device.

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