Building a website can be simple or complex. Depending upon what you need and what you want to serve. If you are a web developer, that it might not be a big deal for you. If you are not, you can hire a web developer or a web development company to build a website for you. So after giving a lot of hours of work and planning, the website comes to life with one basic primary purpose, to reach out for maximum number of users. Many people often misunderstood that creating a website will make it readily available on top of search results and users will find it as soon as it goes live. Well the website is available but creating acknowledgement of its existence is a tedious job.

There are a few practices web developer use reach out for greater audience. The first one is SEO, search engine optimization. Everyone uses search engines. Its the most easiest way to look up what you are looking for and by inserting a simple text, you will get thousands of results in milliseconds. Now for example, a company named techcrayons sell computer systems and peripheral devices. The domain is live and functioning with all the products and service details. But when someone search for ‘assembled computer’ keyword, the website is nowhere to be found. It might be laced on 25 or 59 page for that particular keyword. That’s where it all begins. How to drive user from a particular keyword to a particular domain. In order to do the same, we need SEO.

Here are some methods to drive more users to your website

  • Content is the soul: The content is the main part of any website. It is the core entity to make people acknowledge about the purpose of website and business associated with it. Using grammatically poor and incorrect content push users away. Moreover search engines look for your targeted keywords in the content so make sure they are available in content part. Do not copy content from other website as it will eventually lead you in poor ranking over search engines.
  • Make them acknowledged: After creating a website, list your website on major search engines and reputed web portals to make them acknowledged about the website. A lot of traffic is generated from these applications.
  • Light pages: Make your website light and fast to load. Too much delay in opening of website and browsing through pages creates a negative impact over the users.
  • User Friendly Design: While creating a website, choose the colur combination and font type keeping in concern the the ease of use by the user. The website should be easily accessed and readable on every size of device to maximize user interaction. Moreover the navigation within the website must not be complex otherwise all of the information you want to share will not be accessed by users.
  • GO for SEO: As we have discussed, SEO practice should not be avoided. Everyone looks directly on search engines for any information rather than looking up for relevant websites.
  • Social media generate a lot of impact: The number of users on social media is increasing day by day and people are spending a lot of time on these web services. They are a good platform to brand and market your product and services and drive a lot of traffic to your website.
  • Be patient, don’t panic and avoid using anything in-ethical in search engine eyes. They last longer then you expect.
  • Target your audience: Targeting your audience on basis of location, gender, age and other factors is quite necessary. In this way you can get a better conversion rate and get acknowledged by the emerging needs and issues of your targeted audience.
  • Use analytics tools: There are a lot of tools available for analysis and reporting of major activities on your website. Search Engine also provides such tools for reporting clicks, impressions, crawl rate and other factors which help you improve the website and increase ROI.
  • Interact with users: Build a website embedded with two way communication channel. Meaning user can provide with their reviews and comment to you about the website and its listed information. This will help you in learning user behavior,requirements and shortcoming. Learn from remotest possibility.

All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

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