Choosing a domain name is a much difficult process than it appears to be. Its like brainstorming idead for your business name which requires a lot of thinking and considering a lot of entities. The domain name is your identity on the internet whether its about your business, blog or any other service and should be chosen by giving a lot of thought on making it easy to find and promote and above all, suits your profile.

A domain name is not merely an online address. Its about your very online identity. A website is developed to establish business’s brand and integrity. Domain name is the first thing anyone get acknowledged with. So you have to make sure that the domain name is easy to remember and spell/type. Unique and targeted names are always easy to remember. So instead of going for commonly used names and traditional suffixes or prefixes, go with something different which leaves an impression on everyone’s mind.

You can follow these simple steps to choose great domain name ideas

  • Make the name short: Try to keep the domain name as short as possible. It does not mean you remove the necessary alphabets form the complete word. But you can go short on words like tech for technology. Try to keep the name meaningful and short at the same time. Long names are prone to mistyping or spelled wrong by the users.
  • Make it easy: Make sure the domain name you select is not misunderstood by the user. Using the word Kart instead of Cart, xpress instead of express might confuse user so make it easy and recognizable in case of such close encounters.
  • Make it easy to brand: Keep in concern that the domain name you have selected is brand-able. An easy, catchy and creative name is more likely to brand and promote than complex, long boring names.
  • Choose domain extensions wisely: A lot of domain extension are available to choose. They vary on the basis of location, purposes and categories. Try to choose .com extension on top priority and then the other extension based on your requirements. .in and ad .org are mostly used extension for domain names other than .com. Choosing .com on the priority ensures global accessibility of domain name.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens: try to avoid using the numbers and hyphens or make it minimum if necessary. Numbers and hyphens often misleads the domain names. Using Tech-crayons instead of techcrayons might confuse the user and apparently makes him type wrong domain name. Use hyphens only when their is an issue of availability or it is necessary requirement. Same goes with using ge9 and cap10 instead of genuine and captain.
  • Avoid current trends: Choosing a domain name by current trends and fashion is a mistake. Trends wash out in a short period of time making the domain name obsolete. A domain name is attached to your identity and identities are not suppose to be worn out. Go with the classical creative methodological names as they last longer. Using words like feed, book, era, joint, adda or similar out dates in a short span of time.
  • Be SEO friendly: While choosing the domain name, keep search engines in mind. Try to integrate your domain name with relevent keywords if possible so your website is easy to look up in search results.
  • Don’t wait for long: Domain names are sold quickly. The hours you spend searching for the right name will get wasted if you don’t but them quickly. A lot of people and companies are looking for new domain ideas and their is a possibility of getting your domain taken by someone else if you don’t act fast.
  • Avoid conflicts: Don’t use names that are already associated with other brands. Using applecomputers will be a poor choice for domain name as apple is an established brand and it wont do any good for you. Instead of competing with another brand, try to come up with unique ideas to make your own brand.

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